Coasters in Drops loves you 7

I sometimes feel the need for a small project. Something that I can finish quickly and easily. I needed some new coasters for my mugs and glasses so this was the perfect project. A combination of turquoise and white gave a nice summer feeling to the coasters. I chose Drops Loves You 7 in white, light turquoise and turquoise.

This is the first pattern I publish in English so I´m really nervous! Here it goes!


This is a free pattern for personal use only.  If you post a picture on social media of an item you have made using my pattern I want you to give credit to or leave a link to the pattern. If you find any errors in the pattern, please, let me know.

I would love to see your work so please tag images with #handmadeathavang.

Happy crocheting! 





Yarn: Drops loves you 7 (white, light turquoise (number 19) and turquoise (number 18).

Hook size: 3 mm

This pattern is written in British English terms.

First tr in a round is made of 3 chains. First dc in a round is made of 1 chain.

Round 1: Work 6 dc in a magic ring, 1 sl st in first dc.

Round 2: Work *2 tr in first/next dc, 1 ch*. Repeat *-* 5 times. Sl st i third ch. Change colour.

Round 3: Sl st to ch-space. Work * 2 tr, 1 ch, 2 tr in ch-space*. Repeat 5 times. Sl st in third chain. Change colour.

Round 4: Work *1 tr in the first/next 2 tr, 2 tr in ch-space, 1 tr in the next 2 tr, 1 ch*. Repeat 5 times. Sl st in third ch.

Round 5: *1 dc in the first/next tr, 1 htr and 1 tr in the next tr, 2 dtr in the next 2 tr, 1 tr and 1 htr in the next tr, 1 dc in the next tr, 1 ch*. Repeat five times. Sl st in first ch. [A petal consists of 1 dc, 1 htr, 1 tr, 4 dtr, 1 tr, 1 htr, 1 dc Between the petals you have 1 ch.]

Round 6: *1 dc in the first/next 10 stitches, 1 dc in the ch-space from round 4*. [Don´t hold the yarn too tight.] Repeat *-* five times. Sl st in first ch.

Weave in the ends and your coaster is finished!



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